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For more than 35 years the Herbalife company has been in the business of changing lives by improving the health of thousands of families. Whether your goal is weight loss, nutritional support, or quality personal care, Herbalife has the products to meet your needs.

Herbalife's high-quality products and programs offer:

  • Effective weight loss.
  • Improved nutrition.
  • Enhanced personal care.
  • The opportunity for financial reward.

Founded in 1980, Herbalife International is the premier wellness company dedicated to simplifying your path to healthy living.

Herbalife began with Nutritional Protein Drink Mix. An exceptional and innovative product in 1980, it continues to help thousands of people reach their perfect weight and achieve nutritional balance, and is still our most popular product.

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30 daysJust as you plan ahead for financial security with pensions and insurance policies, you can also safeguard your long term health, by looking after yourself now, on a daily basis.

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