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How to use Herbalife24 to improve Sports

How to use Herbalife to improve Sports performance
Start with the Herbalife Core products and then add targeted products to target your specific needs

H3O Pro Man

  • Formula 1 – Healthy Meal (Regular or Sport)
    Can be used daily as meal replacements or snack shakes.
    Fuel and Refuel before and after exercise / training
    Fuel: Ensure you body has fuel in its tank during exercise
  • Fibre & Herb tablets
    De-tox and help with absorption – improve digestion
  • Hydrate: Ensure you stay hydrated while
    • Hydrate
    • CR7 Drive
    • Prolong
  • Refuel: Ensure quick recovery and prevent muscle stiffness by re-fueling your body after exercise
    • Rebuild Strength
    • Rebuild Endurance

Repair: Balanced nutrition, without all the calories – consistent energy release throughout the day

The above 4 points are vital for better sports performance! Start today!!

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