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Monica Atrash

niteworksMy name is Monica Atrash. I have been using Niteworks for 5 weeks now, and before starting on the product I used to have a problem with waking up and getting out of bed.

I had to rely on someone to wake me up. I am now waking up at 5:30 am on my own and I don’t struggle to get up, in fact I wake up feeling very refreshed and with an incredible sense of wellness, I will never stop using this product.

Leigh Baron

niteworksI am Leigh Baron and I started using Niteworks when it was launched in America because my family has a history of heart disease and so I wanted some insurance for my future. I have found that I sleep better, wake up refreshed, have more energy and have an increased overall sense of well being.

Most importantly for me, when my second child was born I had a prolapsed uterus which the doctors tried to repair after the birth of my 3rd child. This caused pressure on my bladder and consequently I have, for 30 years, had a very weak bladder.

Since using Niteworks this weakness has almost completely disappeared.

These products have changed my life!!

Thank you Mark Hughes, thank you Dr. Ignarro, thank you Herbalife.

Leigh Baron

Michael Lau

niteworksMy name is Michael Lau.

In April 2005 I attended the 25th Anniversary of HERBALIFE in Atlanta where I bought the new product Niteworks, which has been developed from Dr. Louis Ignarro, who became the Nobel Price of medicine for the research of it.

Niteworks is designed to support the cardiovascular system of our body which can improve the immune and the nervous system.

In the beginning I was using it only every second or third day until the launch for the 10th Anniversary of HERBALIFE in South Africa was confirmed.

After only 2 weeks of daily use I recognised a dramatic change for me.

Since my youth time I’ve been suffering with incontinence problems due to a narrowed urinator tube close to the bladder which caused embarrassing situations during day- and night-time. I had to be prepared anytime and anywhere getting chance to find a place to empty my bladder. At night I had to protect myself and the mattress as I wasn’t sure to wake up on time. Medication from an urologist didn’t help, making it even worse.

Now I wake up on time or sleep through the night without any ‘disaster’. My daily routine is much more relaxed in my offices or during driving in my car.

Additionally I have a better sleeping phase, get up really refreshed even without an alarm clock! My resting pulse, when I wake up, has been come down to 60 only!

I have the greatest faith in HERBALIFE and firmly believe that without the products I may not be able to cope with all my daily duties which I have to undergo. I hope that the foregoing will give all people who suffer from similar symptoms the confidence to take HERBALIFE, as I can assure them of their well being and high energy levels.

Mumsy Moodley

niteworksMy name is Mumsy Moodley.

I am 63 years old and I live in Tongaat, North Coast. I used to suffer with blood pressure problem and this led to a stroke on my right side 3 years ago and I am also confined to a wheel chair due to an amputation of my left leg and right foot.

I am visiting my cousin in JHB and every evening before going to bed he gave me a glass of liquid to drink and it tasted like a great lemon drink.

He did not tell me what it was, he told me to just drink it and it would help to sleep. It’s actually amazing what has happened to me. I started to get some feeling back in my finger tips after the 3rd day. A few day later I was able to start moving my hand and I can comb my own hair and I can now move my hand much easier and I can lift a 5 kg dumb bell.

I now sleep even better, I have more energy and strength and I am hardly using my blood pressure medication.

By the way my cousin told me that the product he was giving me was Niteworks and I am very excited that the product is now available in South Africa and now I am using more products and I feel absolutely great.

I hope this testimonial can help other people. Thank you Dr Ignarro and Herbalife.

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