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Cell Activator

Supports the body’s absorption of micronutrients and promotes cellular energy production.
Vitamin B (ATP energy)

Product Description

Cell Energy (ATP)

Cell Activator aids energy production at a cellular level (ATP) and helps your body perform at its best by optimising nutrient absorption.
You can prime your cells to maximize energy production with Cell Activator. This formula contains even more of the vital nutritional factors your cells need to generate energy, plus rare botanicals that help support the natural cycle of the body.

In addition, Cell Activator helps your body better assimilate and make use of the nutrients in your diet, so your entire body can function more efficiently.

Incorporate Cell Activator with the Herbalife Shake, Fibre & Herb & Multi Vitamin to provide your body with the basic building blocks to a healthier, more energetic you.

Key benefits

  • Essential micronutrients to support the Krebs Cycle and enhance cellular energy production
  • Cayenne to help increase your body’s basal metabolic rate
  • Cell Activator capsules are a source of key B vitamins that can help to convert food to energy.

Container: 120 supplements

Usage: 2 x capsules, 3 x daily


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