Healthy Breakfast

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So what did you have for breakfast?

Nothing? English breakfast?  Cereal? Slide of toast?  Cup of coffee?

Okay so how are you feeling now?

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Tired? Drop in energy? Feel like you can crawl into bed and stay there all day?  Did you experience a sugar drop and feel irritable? Is going hope and idea that keeps pupping into your head?  Are you dying for another cup of coffee?

Are you wondering what on earth is happening to you and you body?

Maybe this can help you to understand what your body needs as well as to explain why the TV and food ads only serve on goal and that is to line their own pockets with profits.  Promoting and helping their customers live a healthy lifestyle is the last thing on the big food company’s minds.  They try to educate you what you should be eating, but they do not explain the consequence.
Right, so here we go:  you body is made up with Trillions of Cells, each one of these cells needs nutrients and water! What sort of nutrition what you are, what are all the stuff you need?

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino Acids
  • Good fats and oils
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Water

Your body need everything in prefect balance, not to much or to little – everything must be just right!
Healthy Cells = Healthy Organs

What you eat to day will fuel your body tomorrow.

Food supply the following:

  1. Energy (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) – used when you wake up
  2. Building Material (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, micro-elements) – used when you sleep to repair your body and reload

The Power of Protein

Your muscle mass works like a furnace, burning calories and stored fat for energy.  The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, the faster you burn calories.
Eating plenty of high quality protein daily is essential to maintaining your muscle mass for good health, energy and effective weight management.

What happens when you have NO breakfast?

When you skip breakfast, your eating regime during the day is disrupted, and you get yourself into a vicious circle with no easy way out.  Your blood sugar levels drop below normal level, you experience cravings, hunger and a drop in energy.  This make you seek simple carbohydrates (chocolate, sweet coffee, sandwiches, sweets, cookies, doughnuts, soft drinks, juice, etc) to satisfy your hunger and raise your sugar level. All these are high in calories and fat, but low in nutrients and fibre and when digested immediately tun into sugar which cause your blood sugar level to raise.  **(continue below)

What happens when you have a Carbs (problem) breakfast?

Carbs based breakfast are simple carbohydrates and when digested immediately turns into sugar.  Your body wakes up in the morning and ask for vital nutrients and water and you give it sugar instead.  (These includes a traditional English breakfast and almost all cereals).
** Your body removes extra sugar from the bloodstream and turns it into fat.  As a result, sugar level drop, often below the level you woke up with.  Now you feel hungry and weak as your brain lacks sugar.  Its a reason behind cravings.  To overcome hunger, you again need simple carbohydrates (chocolate, sweet coffee, sandwiches, sweets, cookies, doughnuts, soft drinks and juice, etc ) which again raise your sugar levels and free you of hunger and weakness.  Each sugar “injection” is followed by an overcompensating surge.
The cycle repeats itself 2-3 times a day and you develop dependence on carbs.  The excess of carbs make the body work at constant overload.
All above is the most comooan cause of weight problems and many other health challanges… and it all begins with a bad (or no) breakfast.

Balanced Protein-Based Breakfast ?

Such a breakfast supplies your body with all vital nutrients and energy without increasing blood sugar levels.
It helps to avoid dependance on cars during the day.  As a result, appetite stays under control, cravings for carbs (chocolate, sweet coffee, sandwiches, sweets, cookies, doughnuts, soft drinks, juice, etc) diminish.

Your body provides more enrgy from proteins and not all from carbohydrates.  As a result less cravings, normal sugar levels = no conversion of carbs into fat and no loss in energy.  Energy from protein (Amino Acids) helps using sorted body fats!

Healthy Breakfast solution

3 products the the Herbalife Nutrional Range can help ensure you get a breakfast packed with nutrition for normal body function.

Here is an overview:

Aloe HB 1. Herbal Aloe Concentrate
– Great tasting refreshing beverage
– Helps to achieve required daily fluid intake
– Assists the body’s self-cleansing action
– Naturally suppost digestive health

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Thermojetics HB2.  Instant Herbal Beverage
– Helps provide general feeling of well-being
– Antioxidants to protect cells against damage
– Great alternative to tea, coffee or fizzy drinks
– Available in 4 flavours
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Herbalife Formula 1

3. Formula 1 – Healthy Meal (Nutritional Protein Drink Mix – Shake)
– Nutritionally-balances protein based, healthy meal replacement
– Easy to prepare and practical – enjoy anytime
– Less than 847kj (220 calories) per serving
– Helps to feel full
– Sustain energy levels
– 5 delicious flavours

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Wellness Tips:

Try to:
>> Healthy Breakfast
>> Exercise
>> Relax
>> Drink 2-3 litre of water each day

>> Fast Food
>> Smoking
>> Excess Alcohol

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